Quality control at Hex Forge Inc. begins with understanding the client’s expectations and continues until the customer is completely satisfied with the delivery of goods and services. The quality assurance procedures are adequately specified and implemented. Our employees at Hex Forge Inc. are devoted to and contribute to the success of our quality system in all aspects of our company. Our focus ensures unrivaled efficiency and service to our clients. This is done through a team approach in which all employees are aware of the company’s aims and seek to contribute successfully with their discipline.

Our quality assurance department combines technical competence, knowledge of industry standards, and the most up-to-date testing equipment and devices to fulfill all criteria and guarantee that the products we provide to our clients meet exact specifications. Special emphasis is placed on high quality, accuracy, and transparency.

The quality assurance system is guided by values that promote our distinct workplace culture, which includes honesty, self-management, open communication, and innovation. We are striving to be the finest in our industry. We care about our customers. We do all in our power to keep our commitments. We make every effort to always operate fairly and with integrity.

Our Quality Control System ensures the highest quality standard and actively contributes to the establishment and achievement of corporate goals. Quality people, quality products, and Quality engineering. These are essential to the continued growth of Hex Forge Inc. Our commitment guarantees provide uncompromising efficiency, responsive service, and fair price delivery, and timely delivery to the customer.

Hex Forge Inc. is a leading manufacturer, supplier, stockist, and exporter of fasteners, flanges and Tubes in a variety of types.
Address - 1: Pathan 4th Lane, DD road, Building 91, Plot 117 Mumbai 400004
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